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4 Cool Ways to Hide your TV

Today, flat-screen TVs are ubiquitous—hanging serenely on walls, freeing up space once hogged by bulky traditional boob tubes and the hulking entertainment stands that supported them. Still, a flat-screen TV still looks like … a TV. Not exactly a work of art gracing your wall. Lucky for you, plenty of other homeowners are on the… Continue reading 4 Cool Ways to Hide your TV

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Preparing For Listing Photos

Listing photos are the first chance many potential buyers get to be exposed to your home. This is why being prepared for listing photos and ensuring your home looks ready to sell is a key part in the home listing process. Here are some tips to prepare your home for listing photos! Clear Off Kitchen… Continue reading Preparing For Listing Photos

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Is Your Home Ready To Show? Here’s Some Quick Tips To Get It There!

While it might be your goal to keep your home show-ready at all times, that isn’t always possible. It is completely normal to have a home that feels lived in - especially if you are living in it! This isn’t a major issue, but something to be aware of if you are getting ready to… Continue reading Is Your Home Ready To Show? Here’s Some Quick Tips To Get It There!

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Top 5 Home Staging Props

1. ORCHIDS & HIGH QUALITY FLORALS Orchids are an incredibly versatile prop. They are beautiful, elegant and add class into any interior, regardless of the style of home. They will pair well with just about any room. You can add it into a bathroom for a spa-like feel, group it into containers for a grand… Continue reading Top 5 Home Staging Props

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10 Staging Tips To Get Your Home Sold

Probably my most favorite part of my job is staging a home to get it ready for the market.  To me, it can totally transform an empty, vacant home to a warm inviting space.  So... here are a few staging tips to get your home prepared for the market. When listing a home that cost… Continue reading 10 Staging Tips To Get Your Home Sold