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Diving right in to a new flip

Derek and I recently purchased our first "flip" house. The home is actually in pretty decent shape. It has a new furnace and a/c, some updated plumbing and all new windows. It really just needs a face lift and some minor repairs. Here's some of the before shots! Our plan is to skim coat and… Continue reading Diving right in to a new flip

Home Renovations

Taking a Leap into Uncharted Territory – Rental Investment

Derek and I recently decided to try our hand at property management. Mostly because the house (double-wide trailer) was sitting on an unbelievable lot 5 minutes from our house... Which means a lot since we live out in the middle of nowhere. Look at that backyard!!! The home needed some work, although, the inside was… Continue reading Taking a Leap into Uncharted Territory – Rental Investment

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Prevent Cold Weather Falls On Your Property

Winter is coming which means an increased risk of ice on your property. While bad weather can be inevitable, decreasing fall risk at your home can help. Here are a few ways to just do that: INDOOR TIPS The first step to preventing your own falls start indoors. Preparing your entryways can help! Try placing… Continue reading Prevent Cold Weather Falls On Your Property

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Top 5 Home Staging Props

1. ORCHIDS & HIGH QUALITY FLORALS Orchids are an incredibly versatile prop. They are beautiful, elegant and add class into any interior, regardless of the style of home. They will pair well with just about any room. You can add it into a bathroom for a spa-like feel, group it into containers for a grand… Continue reading Top 5 Home Staging Props

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Time to “Lock it Up”

Mama needs a break. I got the cabinets all up but I kept finding myself more frustration in the little things than enjoying the process, which is how I started. My mind has been consumed with this remodel since we got the camper after Christmas.  It has been SO much fun working on it but… Continue reading Time to “Lock it Up”

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Sometimes it’s fun…

Other times I want to light it on fire.  Last weekend was that weekend.  I had a countdown to the weekend so I could do the counter top.  I literally played the scenario in my head all week in anticipation. It was a GIANT fail. First, I was frustrated because I couldn't find any of… Continue reading Sometimes it’s fun…

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Things are moving along pretty quickly on the camper!  I honestly thought it's something I'd have all winter to work on and it seems like there's already a light at the end of the tunnel. Last weekend we accomplished: - Removed the built in bench and futon.  Initially, this was a temporary thing so I… Continue reading Progress…

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Transaction Completed & Camper Remodel has Commenced!

My family and I are big lake-goers (if that's even a word).  Two years ago we bought a 18' Party Barge Pontoon boat and have enjoyed two summers with it, so far.  Last year, we decided to leave the boat on the local reservoir's boat slip all summer, which was a much more convenient option… Continue reading Transaction Completed & Camper Remodel has Commenced!

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Achieve Feng Shui In Your Home

If you take the time to dig into the philosophy around feng shui, you'll understand that it doesn't come off as esoteric as one my think. It's based around the simple practices to make a home feel healthier and a lot more organized. It also helps you to connect to your home, in a way… Continue reading Achieve Feng Shui In Your Home

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Use the Right Paint Finish

Ready to paint your home? Be sure to use the right finishes in each room and feature to make the best impact in your home. Using the wrong finishes can backfire for home owners if the wrong ones are used in the wrong spaces. Below, you'll find the most common finishes and recommendations on where… Continue reading Use the Right Paint Finish