My Husband and I don’t Vote the Same

A lot of people are shocked to hear this when they strike up a political conversation and we shut it down by letting them know we are on ‘opposite’ sides. Most make the comment that they don’t know how we do it… The truth is… We aren’t on ‘opposite’ sides. Who he votes for doesn’t… Continue reading My Husband and I don’t Vote the Same


Looking back on the last 3 years

Three years ago today I saw the "pass" flash across the screen.  My stomach had been in knots for hours going through the Real Estate Commission questions with a gut full of Jimmy John's and nerves. I couldn't believe it!  I really thought it was going to be a wasted trip.  The entire 90 minute… Continue reading Looking back on the last 3 years

The Colorado Running Realtor

Finishing 2017 Strong

2017 Has been a whirlwind of emotions between me and running.  We definitely had a love/hate relationship.  Granted, I probably over-did it on the races this year, which put a lot of stress and strain on me, mentally. I started 2017 off ready to kill it this year.  I had a long list of races… Continue reading Finishing 2017 Strong