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Finishing 2017 Strong


2017 Has been a whirlwind of emotions between me and running.  We definitely had a love/hate relationship.  Granted, I probably over-did it on the races this year, which put a lot of stress and strain on me, mentally.

I started 2017 off ready to kill it this year.  I had a long list of races planned and ended up doubling the list by November.  However, my training was less than par for every single race.

But moving passed the bad training cycles and races every weekend, I had a ton of fun.  I started my love for running all over again when I started using my GoPro to take fun pictures, mid-stride.


It really made me enjoy my long runs when I get to use some creativity with the terrain that some don’t see every day.

My goal this year was to try out a different route every single month.  I think that lasted until about June, which really isn’t too bad for a New Years Resolution, right?  My first one was in Keystone while I was up for a ski weekend.  The mountains had just gotten about 7 feet of snow dumped on them, so it made for a fun “random running route”.


My 7 year old learned how to ride her bike this summer, which made for some fun runs for me… and also a few that ended in tears and a call to her dad for a ride home.  But she ran a race with me on the 4th of July (my favorite time of year!) and we had a blast together!


Now that we are in the heart of winter, I finally feel like I found the love for running again.  With my Husbands and I’s schedule, it makes working out difficult, since we both have a love for it.  So I had to get creative and I decided to change my spare room into a gym.  It’s helped me to stay motivated (and warm by staying indoors!)..

Now my runs consist of Netflix and the Dreadmill.  But I’m okay with that right now!

I also got a new watch last week (Garmin Fenix 5s).  Since I’m signed up for the Boulder Half Ironman again next year, I thought it would be a good idea to get a multi-sport watch, since the Apple Watch isn’t meant for that type of activity.  I’m still getting used to it, so I’ll review that once I get a few weeks of uses with it under my belt.


I’m ready to start 2018 with LESS races and a whole different outlook on running!


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