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Transaction Completed & Camper Remodel has Commenced!

My family and I are big lake-goers (if that’s even a word).  Two years ago we bought a 18′ Party Barge Pontoon boat and have enjoyed two summers with it, so far.  Last year, we decided to leave the boat on the local reservoir’s boat slip all summer, which was a much more convenient option for us… And possibly kept our marriage intact last year.

(Trust me, nothing will test a marriage more than trying to trailer a pontoon boat in a rain/wind storm… or just in generally beautiful, calm weather…)


Isn’t she cute?


We decided this year it would be a good to add to our lake-going toy collection and get a camper, so we can stay all weekend.  So that bought us to the 2003 Salem that I found on Facebook.


When we first looked at it and decided to make it ours, we were completely content with the condition of it.  It was VERY clean and well kept… But it still screamed “camper” inside.

So, against my husbands pleads, I turned to Pinterest.  This is a very bad idea if you don’t want to have a huge project on your hands.

It took us a week to be able to go up and get the camper from the buyers, since they wanted us to be able to walk through how to do everything on it, as they took extreme pride in it.  They had no idea of my ill intentions of the poor camper.

As soon as it was home and into my driveway, it was time to tear into it!!

Here are the before pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, it seems that every weekend since we bought it home has been filled with LOTS of dreams, primer, and teeny-tiny screws. Everywhere.

But hey… we still love each other, even though I’m tearing into our brand new (to us) Camper!


So far, I have all the cabinets stripped, primed and painted white.


And I have me a couple cute painting helpers.


Next, we will be painting all the walls, directly over the wallpaper, with a light gray, Tearing a table out of the corner to fit a new couch,  and figure out how to reupholster the bench seats…

Then the final project will be tearing out the carpet and adding vinyl tile to the entire floor.  I’m so excited with how it looks so far and I’m excited to share my camper renovation project!!

If anyone has any tips, I greatly appreciate it!! 😀



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