Camper Renovation, Design & Renovation


Things are moving along pretty quickly on the camper!  I honestly thought it’s something I’d have all winter to work on and it seems like there’s already a light at the end of the tunnel.

Last weekend we accomplished:

– Removed the built in bench and futon.  Initially, this was a temporary thing so I could paint behind them, now I’m shopping for new futons and chairs to eliminate the bench and ugly couch altogether.

– painted all the walls gray.

I took this picture immediately after he dumped paint all down his hoodie. He absolutely LOVES painting.. NOT! 😜

– painted the bathroom door black.  I did this on a whim and I absolutely LOVE it.

(I don’t have a picture of it up yet, but you can see it in the picture above in the painting process)

– added some pretty wallpaper to the back wall above the bed.

– I added a vinyl backsplash to the bathroom. I was told by my husband that I went too far by starting that. He’s probably right, that could have waited until more has been accomplished. I just love the way it looks.

and as you can see, I didn’t finish it. I had worked two days straight, so cutting around that outlet just seemed like way too much work at the moment. Maybe next weekend.

– finished painting and threw on a coat of poly on the cabinets and basically everything that was the color of wood. Which, in an early 2000’s camper, is basically anything that’s NOT ugly wallpaper.

I’ve gone through a lot of paint and primer. 😅

I’ve also leaned a hard lesson on a camper in extreme weather comditions.. If the slide doesn’t extend all the way out (my driveway doesn’t allow for this without taking out my house) then it doesn’t create a proper seal, which made for a pretty big mess when everything quickly melted after the snow storm on Sunday.

(No picture of that, either… we definitely don’t need evidence of something my husband may have warned me about ahead of time and I chose to ignore him)

Thank goodness for Netflix and camper heat to entertain the kiddos during this time!!

My Pinterest board is getting full of more ideas and items I need to purchase by summer.

I also have an Amazon order being delivered this week that will finalize the cabinet and kitchen backslash project, the countertops throughout the whole camper, and our new memory foam mattress (because you can’t skimp on comfort.)

Stand-by for another update next week with the next project(s) complete!

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