What Does Listing Your Home Consist Of?

Think you’re ready to list your home?  Now is a great time to get it listed, for sure.  The summer rush is over, now the majority of the buyers are people who are have been searching for a while and still REALLY want to move.  So, what does that mean for you?  It means less “mumbo-jumbo” and some really serious buyers out looking for their perfect match.

Finding an agent

This isn’t some post to try and lure you to use my services (although, I’d LOVE to work with you)… This is about finding what works best for you and what you want in your listing.  Interview multiple agents!  Please!  Ask them about their marketing strategies.  Also, do your own research!  Take a look at their pictures of other listings.  See what they offer that others don’t.  Read their reviews.  Ask around, it’s a small town, you’ll get the feedback you need.


Don’t, I repeat, Don’t look at your Zillow Value

It’s not legit.  It’s just not.  Did they go look at your home to see what upgrades you’ve done (or haven’t done)?  Listen to your agent.  No one knows the market like a Realtor does.

Sign your listing agreement and Disclosures

This can seem grueling but it’s necessary.  This protects ALL parties involved.  Go through it, ask you agent questions.  We go over these all the time, so don’t be afraid to ask away!  Not sure what the difference between Seller Agency and Transaction Brokerage is?  ASK!


Get your home ready!

I know it’s hard for sellers to hear, but pack up the stuff!  If you don’t need it before you move, pack it away.  Less is more, in every way.  Stage your home as best as possible.  Take all your pictures/magnets off your fridge (and wall!) and get rid of 2 out of the 5 chairs in your living room (.  Make it look like a buyer could walk in and see themselves there, not you.



Get it Online

Help us with this!! This is your home!  Its easy for you to write your favorite things about the property, you live or did live there!  Sometimes we draw a blank, or feel like we are repeating ourselves over and over again with property descriptions.  What makes you love your home?  What do you want a buyer to know about it?  Also, make a list of upgrades you’ve done to your home since you’ve lived there.  It’s a great tool to give to buyers!


Don’t make me get this book out.  Help me write your ad!!

Share, Share, Share!

Facebook is an AWESOME source for advertising.  Share your online listing with your friends and family.  Odds are, someone is out there house hunting that’s a friend, of a friend, of a friend, is house hunting!!

My virtual tours go NUTS on Facebook.  They’ve been able to reach upwards in the 50,000 views range.  You wouldn’t believe the power of social media.


Let your agent do the work

That’s what you hired em’ for… Right? If someone reaches out to you to see it, send them to your agent!! An exclusive right to sell agreement states you owe them a commission, whether you find the buyer, or they do.  So let them do the job you hired them for!

Be patient.

Sometimes homes don’t sell right away.  As much as we hope they do, sometimes they don’t.  Be patient.  As the words of Wendy Nuss here at TSR, “There’s an rear for every seat and a seat for every rear” and that’s the truth! If your home is sitting and you are concerned, discuss options with your agent!  Maybe it’s time for a price reduction.

If you have any questions on listing your property, or want the run-down on my marketing strategies, I’m just a phone call away!





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