Camper Renovation, Design & Renovation

Sometimes it’s fun…

Other times I want to light it on fire.  Last weekend was that weekend.  I had a countdown to the weekend so I could do the counter top.  I literally played the scenario in my head all week in anticipation.

It was a GIANT fail.

First, I was frustrated because I couldn’t find any of the tools I needed in the garage.  Then Derek wasn’t moving very fast when I asked him to go find all the tools I needed… (Ok, maybe I was being super grouchy and impatient with him, so it was probably on purpose).  Like I said, this camper reno will probably test our marriage a time or two. 😉

The idea was to put contact paper on the counter top and then epoxy over it.  I had creases everywhere in the paper. Probalby because I got impatient and didn’t have time for Derek to *slowly 😫* take the sink out so we had a flat surface.

I really do love him.

I didn’t even get a picture because I had it torn back up and into a giant, crumbled up ball and thrown across the room before I could get a chance to.

And it’s not over yet…

I started doing the last wallpaper wall I had and I was finally able to do it since we moved the camper out a bit so I could get the slide all the way out.

Then, I ran out of wallpaper at about a foot left to do. 🙄 So I have to order a whole new roll for just a small section.

Finally, Wednesday I got my hinges in the mail (and Amazon sent the wrong color) so I ordered the black ones that I had attempted to order in the first place and they were actually delivered while we were working on it Saturday, perfect timing!  I started grabbing all the cabinet doors from the basement to hang them and got them outside to realize they had turned yellow from the Polyurethane I had used.  Apparently, you’re not supposed to mix white, water based paint with oil based poly.

What do ya’ know, you learn something new every day, right?

So here’s my progress pic for the weekend:


At least I’m smiling, right?

The end of this project might be sponsored by Stella Artois.

At least Derek kept plugging away.  We put the counter top project to sleep for a bit and he started on the flooring.


And the weird holes in the cabinets.  They originally had cloth in there and we replaced them with metal backslash.


So, last weekend he did all the work while Kins and I kept him company.


Ugh, ONE foot of wallpaper. 🙄  Still frustrates me.

But isn’t she the cutest?

That’s all for this week!  Hopefully I’ll have better progress pictures next week after the cabinets are hung and *cross your fingers* counter tops are a success!



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