Camper Renovation, Design & Renovation

Time to “Lock it Up”

Mama needs a break.

I got the cabinets all up but I kept finding myself more frustration in the little things than enjoying the process, which is how I started.

My mind has been consumed with this remodel since we got the camper after Christmas.  It has been SO much fun working on it but my weekends are beginning to revolve around it.  It’s time to lock the doors for a few weeks, wait for some items to come in (mainly flooring), and let it take a breather.

Besides, it’s only February and our first venture won’t be until Mid-May, anyway.


And here she is in all her messy glory (and I was one hinge short).


Yep, looks good just like that.  Just watch your head, you’ll be fine.

(BTW, you should see this light lit up.  It’s sparkly 😍)


He gets kind of Gangster when he listens to rap while he works.

… Whoops, forgot to put the Traeger away last night.


Working and eating has become my weekend diet.  My hubby made me a yummy dip.


She is so cute when we work on the camper.  She was taking a nap right before this and we see her make her way outside on her own, dressed in snow boots and all (by herself) to come help us! She’s getting so big! 😥


Still haven’t finished the back splash in here.  I’m going to wait until the counter top is done.

That’s pretty much it, for now!!

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