Camper Renovation

The Blogger Fail

Yes. I suck at blogging. I took an 18 month hiatus from any posts… But I did finish the camper, thankfully!!

Last summer (2018), we took our camper out all summer and into fall.


The Maiden Voyage – Memorial Weekend 2018. We only cussed a little setting up. We cussed a lot when the wind caught the awning and lifted Derek off the ground.

After that weekend, we got a little more accustomed to the camper. So we took it out a few more times.


I like taking pictures of just our feet, I guess…

Then, we decided to venture a little further. We wanted to hit the beaches of Lake Mac. I hadn’t been there in years so we thought, what the heck, we’ll spend a few days there and see if it’s worth going back.



Lake Mac nailed it. It was the best trip of the summer. We were concerned about too many people on the beach and were irritated when we woke up that Thursday morning to people pulling in right next to us (didn’t they know we wanted the WHOLE beach to ourselves… come on people!)… But then Derek noticed they had a Husker sticker on their truck, of course. Then they offered me a margarita. Done.


We finished our awesome weekend at Lake Mac and ended up meeting up with them again in the fall at North Sterling and watched Husker Football from the campsite.


It was an amazing ending to the camping season last year!!


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