Camper Renovation

Saying Goodbye

This year has been an eventful one. Last fall, we purchased 6 acres outside of town to build our dream home on. We sold our home and decided in June to live in the camper until it’s finished.  Well, the Salem wasn’t equipped for living in with 3 small children, especially when it was time for Mama’s morning coffee and I was climbing over beds to get to my coffee pot.


But I must say.. Camper living is AWESOME! I never thought I’d say that. There’s something about the simplicity of life when you don’t have a lot of space.


But I’ll get into the nitty-gritty of camper life in another post, this show is all about the Salem. She was a good camper. She’s off to her new home and she’ll be lived in and loved. I really enjoyed redoing this camper and I’m excited to have another to do when the time comes!


Isn’t she pretty???

Well, Salem, you did good. We have some awesome memories that started with you being hitched up behind our truck. ❤

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